Node.js is a cutting-edge, open-source, event-driven, asynchronous input/output system used for sites that support interactive communication. A few examples of such sites would be online browser game portals, live chat rooms or hotel booking portals. Node.js handles the info transmitted between the site and its visitors in tiny bits, which accelerates the load speed and the performance of the site substantially. If some form with three boxes should be filled out by a particular user, for instance, usually all three boxes should be filled and the entire content is then delivered as one big chunk of information to the web server. With Node.js, the first box’s content is processed as soon as it is inserted, before the user writes anything in the second box. Therefore, much more info can be handled a lot faster and more efficiently in contrast to any conventional platform, which can exert a significant effect on the website’s performance. Node.js is already being used by some of the leading IT companies like Microsoft and Yahoo.