phpMyAdmin is a feature-rich tool developed in PHP, which shall present you with total control of a MySQL database. You could do absolutely anything - create fields, rows and tables, erase them or alter their content, export or import a whole database or only a certain part of it, and execute MySQL commands. The tool is vital when you want to switch web hosting companies, due to the fact that you can conveniently create a full backup of a database in a number of formats (SQL, CSV, XML). You shall end up with only one file that contains the entire content of the database, so you could download it from the current provider, upload it to the server of the new one and import it through the same tool on their end. Your website will look exactly the same, because all script applications store their content within a database. With phpMyAdmin you could also conveniently search and replace content material of your choice across the whole web site - a word, an expression or a link, for instance.