TXT is a DNS record, which contains info in human-readable form for external sources to obtain information regarding a particular domain name or subdomain. In the most common scenario, this kind of record is used to prove that you own a domain name if you are trying to add it to an Internet search engine or to some website traffic analytics platform. Since only the Internet domain owner/administrator may add custom DNS records, the TXT record works as a proof of ownership for the corporation offering the service. Another popular use for this type of records is the email SPF (Sender Policy Framework) protection, which helps to ensure that a particular email address won't be spoofed and that people will not receive junk mail from allegedly your mailbox. The TXT record features information about the mail server where your electronic messages arrive from and serves as confirmation that it is a reliable one. Because there are no rules regarding the content of this sort of a record, you could also include any other info also.