Each active domain name is registered on the name of an individual and throughout the registration procedure a lot of details are presented - the owner’s names, address, e-mail, cell phone number, and so forth. This info along with the registrar company name and the registration/expiration dates is referred to as WHOIS of the Internet domain and in compliance with the policies of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) it has to be current and legitimate. If an Internet domain has wrong WHOIS details, it may be reported and if the details aren't corrected, the Internet domain could be erased or the registrar company could take over its ownership. By default, the WHOIS info is public and can be seen on numerous lookup websites, or for a limited number of country-code extensions - on the sites of the respective Registry organizations. All companies which provide registration services are obligated to provide a simple way for their clients to access and modify the WHOIS details of any Internet domain they own as much as the specific TLD allows it.